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Adding a picture of your signature to a PDF in Linux with Okular

For some reason, we in academia consider putting a picture of one’s signature in a PDF “signing” it. On Mac OS and Windows, there are programs that make it fairly easy, but in Linux, nothing is ever easy. I see a lot of overwrought tips on how to do this that require downloading special, obscure, unstable, only-works-with-one-distribution-that-probably-isn’t-your-distribution pdf programs, or GIMP. So here goes my easy, dumb method.

I use Okular for everything PDF-related. To “sign” a file, pull up the Review Toolbar, which will look something like this:



Click on the “Draw Freehand Line” button–that’s the third from the left. By default, it’s neon-green. You can change the color to black, as I have, by right-clicking on it and changing the annotations settings.

Then enlarge the part of the file you want to “sign”, and draw in your signature with your finger.

Don’t forget to click “Save As” to save the file with the annotation embedded.

That’s it. Quick, dumb, and easy. Just how I like it. Enjoy.

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Features in phonology

This is a 30-page overview of phonological features, which I wrote for the phonology classes I teach at NYU. It is intended to be accessible to both undergraduates and graduates; I usually ask the undergrads to read sections 1-4 and 9, and the grads to read the whole thing. If you would like to cite this review in your work, refer to it as follows:

Gouskova, Maria. 2016. Features in Phonology. [pdf] Ms., New York University.

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