Spring 2023: on sabbatical.

These are the courses I teach on a regular basis at NYU. Please visit the Linguistics Department course pages for the current schedule. if you need a syllabus for a specific course, just drop me a line.


Language: introduction to linguistics. No prerequisites.

Phonological Analysis: introduction to phonology. Prerequisite: Sound & Language (phonetics course).

Morphology: Introduction to morphological analysis and theory. Prerequisite: Language (intro course).

Sound and Language: Introduction to linguistic phonetics. No prerequisites.


Phonology I and II: a year-long graduate introduction to phonological theory.

Introduction to Morphology at an Advanced Level: An introduction to morphological theory aimed at graduates and advanced undergrads who have taken syntax and phonology already.

Computational Phonology: a course with a focus on corpora and modeling of phonological learning. Prereqs: knowledge of Python3, and knowledge of phonology.

Seminars: Almost every year; topics vary; often co-taught with my colleagues.

I have also contributed to the creation and teaching of the Professional Seminar, where NYU grad students learn the nuts-and-bolts of doing linguistics for a living.