These are the courses I teach on a regular basis at NYU. Please visit the Linguistics Department course pages for the current schedule. if you need a syllabus for a specific course, just drop me a line.

Table Of Contents


Language: introduction to linguistics. No prerequisites.

Phonological Analysis: introduction to phonology. Prerequisite: Sound & Language (phonetics course).

Morphology: Introduction to morphological analysis and theory. Prerequisite: Language (intro course).

Sound and Language: Introduction to linguistic phonetics. No prerequisites.


Phonology I and II: a year-long graduate introduction to phonological theory.

Introduction to Morphology at an Advanced Level: An introduction to morphological theory aimed at graduates and advanced undergrads who have taken syntax and phonology already.

Computational Phonology: a course with a focus on corpora and modeling of phonological learning. Prereqs: knowledge of Python3, and knowledge of phonology.

Seminars: Almost every year; topics vary; often co-taught with my colleagues.

I have also contributed to the creation and teaching of the Professional Seminar, where NYU grad students learn the nuts-and-bolts of doing linguistics for a living.


Here are the students whose dissertations I’ve advised. For a full list of all the dissertation committees, qualifying papers, etc., see my CV (the current version is linked at the top of the page).

Naomi Lee

Guy Tabachnick

Kate Mooney

Maddie Gilbert

Zoubida Ziani (Fulbright co-supervisor)

Suzy Ahn